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Orenda Secondary Teacher of the Year

Pamela Knott, 2022 Orenda Secondary Teacher of the Year, Gateway College Preparatory School, Grade 5-8 ELA Teacher
Ms. Knott has been with Orenda since 2014, starting her career here as a middle school teacher.  She has taught ELA, social studies, AVID elective, reading labs, and dyslexia.  She has been involved in developing and growing our AVID and PLP college readiness systems.  She celebrates our community through organizing and hosting the Veterans event each year and, most recently, #GJGator.   Ms. Knott sponsors the history club and the annual Washington D.C. trip for our students.
One of her peers shared, "I have seen few teachers as dedicated to Gateway and her students as Pam. She takes her role as AVID coordinator seriously, making sure to share strategies with her colleagues every chance she gets. It is also obvious how much she cares for her students. She loves to brag about her students when they have even the smallest successes." From the first day that Pam started at Gateway, she has built relationships with her students and uses data to provide instruction to meet the unique needs of her students to achieve academic success.