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Gator Singers Earn High Notes

That day's competition was the first stage in competing for a prestigious position in one of the Texas All State Choirs. Approximately 20,000 Texas vocalists/choir students engage in this annual competitive process: All Region Choir, All Area Choir (only a portion of those in Region choir are allowed to move forward), All State Choir(s).

Gateway students competing at the All Region level included:

Ashley Pruiett (alto) / 11th grade
Aidan Hartline (bass) / 10th grade
Carmen Rose (soprano) / 9th grade

All Region Choir Competition results:
Carmen Rose, a freshman competing against juniors and seniors from across the Region, ranked high in her competition room.

Aidan Hartline ranked 10th chair, which means he was selected for the 2018 All Region Choir AND advances to Pre-Area competition in November.
Ashley Pruiett ranked 15th chair, which means she was selected for the 2018 All Region Choir.

Please join us in celebrating these students and their accomplishments!
Continued success to Aidan as he advances to the Pre-Area level competition.