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Gators Clobber the Cardinals; Get Ready for League Play


Gator player hits ball over net.   Gator volleyball player hits ball over net.

Notes from Coach Tyson:

We played well at the Meridian tournament last weekend. All 3 teams made it to the Gold brackets. JV Orange won 6th place (beat out by our JV Green team)in the Gold Bracket (there were 3 divisions - gold, silver, bronze). JV Green won second place, losing to St. Michael's JV (a couple of their players were Varsity girls who moved down for the tourney). Varsity won 2nd place, losing to St. Anthony out of San Antonio (they beat Poth earlier in the year and we played them close). All said, we played 16 games in one day. Coach Miller came up to help us out for a couple of the games since we had all 3 teams playing at once a couple of times throughout the day.

Varsity defeated Concordia last night, bringing their record up to 21-6.
JV Green has a 16-1 record right now.

Going into district, we have the 3 hardest games first. Johnson City has a 22-4 record and that is who we open with on Friday night.