Gateway Prep --"Start Here, Finish Here"

photo of Gateway water towers
  • Type of School: An open enrollment public charter school for Grades K-12

    Year Opened: August 2009.
    First graduating class of 16 students occurred in May 2012.

    Enrollment Estimated Totals for SY 2021-2022:
    Elementary (K-4)    565
    Middle School (5-8) 555
    High School (9-12)  415

    Accreditation: Gateway is accredited by the Texas Education Agency.

    Student Body Profile:
    ►100% of the student body is college-bound
    ►70% of the student body is from Round Rock and Georgetown with the remaining 30% from surrounding areas.

    School Academic Achievements:
    ►Ranked 27th in Texas and #2 in the Greater Austin area in "America's Most Challenging High Schools" (2015 rankings by The Washington Post)
    ►Based on the 2014 S.T.A.A.R. accountability rating, Gateway Prep was one of the better performing public schools in Central Texas with academic distinctions in math, science, reading/ELA, social studies and post-secondary readiness.
    ►Students took 135 Advanced Placement exams in the Spring 2014
    ►The U.S. News & World Report ranked Gateway College Prep School among the top 100 high schools in Texas for 2019


    School Ideal: Citizen. Scholar. Athlete.

    School Colors: Forest Green, Orange, and Gray

outside photo of Student Union
outside photo of HS learning center
photo of inside of library