• *Please keep in mind: Technology is typically outdated after 3-5 years. Our recommendations are based on basic school-related performance levels.

    Gateway CPS BYOD System Recommendations – Required for students in grades 5 and up  

    These specifications should work for most grade levels and classes; however, secondary electives such as Computer Science may have additional system requirements. 

    ● Processor (CPU) - Recommend: Intel Core i5 / AMD A6 or better; minimum: Intel Core i3 or equivalent 

    ● RAM - recommend: 8GB to 16GB; 4GB minimum 

    ● Storage - recommend: 250GB or larger SSD (solid state drive); minimum: 250GB HDD (hard drive) 

    ● Wi-Fi Adapter - Wi-Fi connectivity is required. 802.11a/b/g/n or 802.11ac/b/g/n recommended

    ● Multimedia capable - sound, mic, webcam are recommended

    ● Graphics card 

    ● Browser: Google Chrome required, plus one more such as Safari or Firefox 

    ● Anti-virus software installed - Malwarebytes is the highest recommended, (AVG, AVAST, Kaspersky, Bitdenfender, Windows Defender & Sophos are free, but it is highly recommended to purchase more comprehensive software) 

    Chromebooks are acceptable, but may not meet requirements for some higher grade level courses. Students taking Technology class in 6th grade or higher, computer science in grades 7-11, Music Theory, and Robotics use Adobe Creative Cloud, and chromebooks will not accept this program.

    ● iPads and other tablets present limitations and are not suitable for our learning environment.  

    ● Accidental coverage is recommended. 

    ● Microsoft Office is not required. 

    ● Charger/Power Adapter for computer (required for 5th/6th) 

    ● Computer with Keyboard (built in or detached, required for 5th/6th) 

    ● Earbuds/headphones (required for 5th/6th)

    ● Computer & Charger must be labeled with first and last name (required for 5th/6th) 

    ● Windows computers should be set to update outside of school hours. 

    ● Access to a printer throughout the school year 

    ● Lightweight is better to lighten the weight of backpacks. 

    ● We do not recommend a particular computer brand. When shopping for a new device, look at the specs and customer reviews to know what you are buying.