• *Please keep in mind: Technology is typically outdated after 3-5 years. Our recommendations are based on basic school-related performance levels.

    Gateway CPS BYOD System Recommendations – Required for students in grades 5 and up  

    These specifications should work for most grade levels and classes; however, secondary electives such as Computer Science may have additional system requirements. 

    ● Processor (CPU) - Recommend: Intel Core i5 / AMD A6 or better; minimum: Intel Core i3 or equivalent 

    ● RAM - recommend: 8GB to 16GB; 4GB minimum 

    ● Storage - recommend: 250GB or larger SSD (solid state drive); minimum: 250GB HDD (hard drive) 

    ● Wi-Fi Adapter - Wi-Fi connectivity is required. 802.11a/b/g/n or 802.11ac/b/g/n recommended

    ● Multimedia capable - sound, mic, webcam are recommended

    ● Graphics card 

    ● Browser: Google Chrome required, plus one more such as Safari or Firefox 

    ● Anti-virus software installed - Malwarebytes is the highest recommended, (AVG, AVAST, Kaspersky, Bitdenfender, Windows Defender & Sophos are free, but it is highly recommended to purchase more comprehensive software) 

    ● Chromebooks are acceptable, but may not meet requirements for some higher grade level courses. 

    ● iPads and other tablets present limitations and are not suitable for our learning environment.  

    ● Accidental coverage is recommended. 

    ● Microsoft Office is not required. 

    ● Charger/Power Adapter for computer (required for 5th/6th) 

    ● Computer with Keyboard (built in or detached, required for 5th/6th) 

    ● Earbuds/headphones (required for 5th/6th)

    ● Computer & Charger must be labeled with first and last name (required for 5th/6th) 

    ● Windows computers should be set to update outside of school hours. 

    ● Access to a printer throughout the school year 

    ● Lightweight is better to lighten the weight of backpacks. 

    ● We do not recommend a particular computer brand. When shopping for a new device, look at the specs and customer reviews to know what you are buying.