School Supplies

icon of several school supplies
  • Your 2021-2022 School Supply lists are now uploaded and below for convenience shopping!

    School Supply Flyer with Costs (an optional online service) CLICK HERE

    Instructions:  go to On the right menu "Find Boxes Now" to find Gateway, then click on your appropriate grade boy or girl, then "View Add-Ons/Customize Contents" to add in or delete choices from the package.

    Please be sure to read the "Teacher's Notes" for Required by NOT included items along with an Add-On "extra" requests.  FREE Ship to home with orders of $50 and up, otherwise only $5.99  There is no mark-up fundraising.  This a convenience service coordinated by your PTO.  

    For those "old-school shoppers" who wish to shop for individual supplies in your favorite retail store, the following grade level supply lists are as follows:


    1st Grade                   5th Grade                       

    2nd Grade                  6th Grade            

    3rd Grade                   7th Grade

    4th Grade                   8th Grade