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    Welcome to Gateway Theater

    Gateway College Prep proudly boasts a wonderful Theatre department with skilled directors at the helm. Theatre classes that are offered utilize improvisation as the principal dramatic form for exploration and presentation. The courses are designed to give students the opportunity to study, through a practical approach, the uses of drama in its many forms. We strive to help our students develop and foster an understanding in their own capacity for communication and expression, while encouraging them to demonstrate a greater mastery of the nature and function of Theatre as it pertains to the profession and to life. Classroom facilities include normal classroom, Auxiliary Gym and the Cafeteria.

    Courses Offered:
    MS Beginning Theatre - Grades 7-8
    HS Beginning Theatre - Grades 9-12
    Theatre Tech - Grades 9-12
    Advance Theatre - A.K.A. "2nd Stage Theatre Co." - Grades 10-12

student actors taking a curtain call
one-act play
one-act play
One Act Play - "Go Gentle"
Group of drama students dressed in blue long underwear
group of students in green costumes
One Act play, "Go Gentle"
drama students rehearsing