Questions & Answers

  • Why are we adding a High School Annex Building?

  • It was stated in the video announcing this new construction that increasing the high school enrollment would also make Gateway Prep more competitive in UIL athletics. I’m concerned about an over emphasis on athletics at the expense of academics. Are we an academic school or are we a school that puts sports and athletic scholarships first?

  • Where does the money come from to build the Gateway Prep School HS Annex Building, and to purchase the property for the future Gateway School of Arts and Sciences?

  • What happened to the tennis courts and performing arts center that were in a previous master facility plan?

  • Traffic and parking are problems now. The added HS enrollment will only exacerbate the problem. What is the plan to improve the traffic flow before it gets even worse?

  • Will all of the 9-12 grade students be in the new annex building? If so, who will be in the existing high school building?

  • Rather than spend money on a new building, wouldn’t it be better to pay our teachers more, or provide them with more resources?

  • How are the additional 350 students who are going to be added to the high school going to be selected? Will it be the same lottery system, or will priority be given to athletes?

  • The cafetorium is overcrowded with our current enrollment. What is the plan to expand seating?

  • After completion of the HS Annex Building and filling the new 350 HS seats, could the Gateway Prep School total enrollment get any larger in the future?

  • Why has the initial plan to cap enrollment at 100 per graduating class changed?

  • What is the current wait list to get into Gateway Prep, and why do we need to get students off the waitlist?

  • Why do we need to grow enrollment? Many of us came to Gateway Prep because of its smaller size.