teacher helping two students in classroom

GPA & Class Rank

  • The following scales are used to compute numerical grades into the mathematically computed score that is used to determine rank in class.

    Courses that will be counted in the grade point average for class in rank include credits from the following content areas taken in grades 9-12 as defined by the TEKS: English, mathematics, social studies, science, and languages other than English.

    Approved, dual credit college courses within the core areas described above are also counted in the calculation of GPA and class rank. The end of semester numerical grade is used to compute grade point average and is recorded on the student's Academic Achievement Record (transcript). Class rank is calculated at the end of a student’s 9th - 10th grade year, and subsequently at the end of each semester in grades 11-12. Class rank is calculated at the end of each semester only.

    Grades earned in the following courses shall be excluded when calculating the weighted GPA and academic class rank:
    •Correspondence courses
    •Summer school courses
    •Credit by examination
    •Credit for acceleration
    •Credit recovery courses not taken through an Orenda Charter School
    •Home school courses
    •Distance Learning and online courses from a non-accredited private or
    public school
    •Courses taken in foreign countries (unless offered by an accredited US
    •High school courses taken while in middle school
    •Pass/fail courses
    •Non-accredited private schools

    The weighted GPA is determined by semester grades earned in the core courses (English, Math, Science, Socials Studies, and Languages Other Than English, and other selected advanced academic courses) taken in grades 9-12. All courses within the pre-AP and AP categories are calculated on a 5.0 scale, as are dual enrollment college courses within the core Advanced academic courses (AP, dual credit, college courses) are calculated on a 5.0 scale.

    Elective, non-core courses and local credit courses are not included in the calculation of the weighted GPA and academic class rank. In determining class rank, students graduating on the minimum plan will be ranked below students graduating on the recommended and distinguished graduation plans. Students attending the District on a temporary foreign study basis will be excluded from class rank.