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  • After school supervision is designed for students in grades K-6 who need a secure, supervised environment after school and who are not otherwise involved in after school programming. Students whose parents are unable to pick them up at 2:50 p.m. due to work or family obligations may use the service if they sign up for it in advance. While in after school supervision, students will have the opportunity to complete homework, read, study, play educational games, and do other quiet, constructive activities. On certain days, movies will be shown. If the weather permits, students will also be taken out to the courtyard to play. While conversation in low voices will be permitted at staff discretion, the level of noise may interfere with students’ ability to concentrate as well as the staff’s ability to communicate with all students. Snacks will be available for students in after school care; you may also pack extra snacks.

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    It should be noted that after school supervision is NOT a substitution for tutoring. Students who need specific help in one or more of their classes should seek and receive help from their classroom teachers. Staff in after school supervision can help with homework and answer general questions. Each teacher is responsible for planning and scheduling their own tutoring sessions. If you feel that your child is in need of tutoring, please contact the teacher directly.

     For more information, contact laurie.stephenson@orendaeducation.org


    **As a reminder, Golden Gate members (those donating $2,400 or more annually) can waive one child's academic supervision fees. CLICK HERE to learn more about donating!


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