Food Services

  • The Food Services Department at Gateway prepares and services a hot breakfast and lunch each day that aligns with the healthy living principles of the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Children's Health) program. If you wish to set up a lunch account for your student, please send your request to Food Services Manager Lou Pena at Prices are vary by grade level meal, or á la carte choices.

    Parent Account Management Systems:
    Gateway utilizes a service for food service meal payments called PayPAMS, which is available via web giving parents the ability to check their child's remaining balance, view their purchase history, or make a deposit if needed. Parents are able to subscribe for email warnings when their child's account dips below a specified threshold reminding the parent that the child's account needs attention.

    Deposits are made using a secure transaction site, (PayPAMS) and are typically available within 30 minutes of the transactionduring the regular school day. Deposits to multiple accounts are available within the PayPAMS site if necessary.We are confident that you will find this an efficient and convenient service to you and your children. We are always looking for better ways to serve you.

    Click here or on the button bellow to access PayPAMS

    PayPAMS site Button

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