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  • Gideon

  • "I can pursue and achieve my goals."

    Gideon, Class of 2018

    Ask Gideon McFarland what he likes best - academics, choir, or athletics - and he answers with a smile. “Academics are my highest priority, no question, but I love everything I do at Gateway,” he says.  He values the relationships he has built with his teachers, and says that while they challenge him academically, they also make him feel known and important, as a student and as a person.   He credits Gateway’s smaller environment with giving him opportunities to participate in multiple activities.  He is a member of the track and field program, and serves as a section leader in Camerata (high school choir) and a second year member of Westinghouse Dynamx Jazz Choir.   “I’ve been active in school, in sports, and in the arts, and have learned something different through each," he says. He continues, “When it comes to my studies and track, I find that I’m focused on the end result,” he explains. “But with choir, I really enjoy the process along the way.”   Gideon finds that the small school community helps him feel connected to the student body, and gives him the support he needs to pursue - and achieve - his goals, for high school and beyond.