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    The annual Gator Club fund drive helps to cover the annual operating costs of the school not covered by public state and federal revenue sources. Gator Fund donations are how we keep our class sizes smaller, recruit and retain talented teachers through a competitive wage and salary compensation plan, and pay down permanent building construction debt service.

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    Every membership counts and gifts of all sizes are welcomed. You can participate at a level that is comfortable for you and it does not take a huge donation to have a significant impact. When taken together, donations create one of the school’s most significant sources of support. Because annual gifts are typically unrestricted, they can be directed to areas with the greatest need and the greatest potential for impact. Each donation, regardless of size, strengthens the school’s participation rate and demonstrates a vote of confidence in a Gateway education.

    All your Gator Club donations are tax-deductible and pledges are accepted as well (click here for separate Giving Policy). For those families who commit to making a yearly donation to help bridge the $2,009 per student funding gap that charter schools like Gateway Prep face, we have established the following special annual giving categories:

    Click here for the 2021-2022 flyer on what donors can receive as a token "thank you" for their ongoing financial support.

    Gator 100 Club

    Gator families who donate at least $1,200 per year or $100 per month for the 12 months of the school giving year (August through July) to the annual giving campaign become members in the Gator 100 Club. Each Gator 100 Club member receives the following:

    • Auto decal of the Gateway G logo
    • Gateway "shield" embroidered polo shirt (men's and ladies' sizes), Gator Club t-shirt, or "G" Pop Socket
    • Invites to informal evening "Reception with the Founder/Chief Executive Officer" (2 opportunities each year) 
    • UIL fee waived for all participating children, and discounts on lacrosse and cheer fees

    Golden Gate Club

    Gator families who donate $2,400 or more ($200 per month) during the 12 months of the school fiscal year to the annual giving campaign become a Golden Gate Club member. Each Golden Gate Club member receives the following:

    • All of the above plus:
    • Gold Card, featuring free entry into every school-sponsored athletic event and/or fine arts presentation (i.e. theater, art shows, dance team exhibitions, choral/instrumental presentations)
    • A Portable stadium seat w/ gator logo, stadium blanket, or portable power bank
    • Premium reserved seating for graduation, high school athletic competitions, fine arts performances and large assemblies
    • Waive after school supervision fees for one child (if applicable)

    Hall of Fame

    Gator families whose total annual giving donations over any period reach $10,000 or more become a Hall of Fame member. Each Hall of Fame member receives all of the above, plus:

    • Nameplate placed on the Hall of Fame board located in the lobby of the Student Union Building.
    • We will continue this campaign throughout the school year or until our goal is obtained. 

    All parents and friends of the school are asked to join the Gator Club through a variety of solicitation methods including: a personal request from the Development Office; a direct mail letter; a phone call from a board member; parent or student; or electronic media.

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