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Welcome to Gateway Music

  • Our Mission:

    We believe that music education is fundamental to our student's education and must be available to all. We strive to offer the highest quality music instruction and performance opportunities for students of all ages, and create a musical community that is rich with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity. We seek to nurture the creativity of our students and enrich the education of students through the study and practice of music. We commit to fostering positive, life-changing experiences that will impact student growth and achievement, and deliver tools and resources necessary to assist students and staff in achieving their goals.

    Our Programs:

    At Gateway, students receive instruction in music theory, sight-reading, music history, music appreciation, songwriting and performance. The choral music selections range throughout all genres of musical history and encompass a broad variety of cultural and popular styles. Choir students are expected to participate daily in rehearsals and perform for all community and UIL events scheduled throughout the school year.

    Our Choirs:
    Westinghouse Dy-Namx - Swing-Jazz Choir: Grades 8-12 (auditioned)
    Camerata - High School Choir: Grades 9-12 Mixed
    Bel Canto - Middle School Choir: Grades 7-8 - Girls (Treble Choir)
    Vivace - Middle School Choir: Grades 7-8 - Boys (Bass Choir)
    Bella Voci 6 - Intermediate School Choir: Grade 6 Mixed

    Our Elementary students (K-4) receive classroom music lessons based mostly on the method created by Zoltan Kodaly, as we teach a choral-based music program at Gateway. Each grade level performs for parents and the community one time throughout the school year, and the training during the lessons prepares our students for advanced music courses and performances as they get older.

    The 5th grade music class consists of study in four main areas: voice, piano, drums, and guitar. They will study (for all instruments) sight-reading, ear training, intervals, rhythm, ensemble playing/singing, theory, and much more. Contact Mr. Rine for more information.

Teamm photo of music department
group photo of elementary choir students dressed as Santa.
Jazz Choir performs at retirement home
Group photo of school choir during concert.
MS choir girl with finger to mouth.